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For The Human Spirit

Flight for the Human Spirit Memorabilia

Flight for the Human Spirit Memorabilia

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Own a piece of Flight for the Human Spirit history.  Each set is hand-assembled by the original mission control team and includes a certificate of authenticity.  

This collection contains:

  • 10x20 with 3 - 5x7 sections
  • One original postcard that actually flew onboard the plane (front and back) -  this one celebrates the impending completion of the 50 states (Limited Edition card #6)
  • Michael’s actual notes taken on his Armboard inside the cockpit during his transcontinental world record run.  This one is of Monroe Airport in Louisiana.
  • Piece of the actual cloth used to create the netting in the cockpit
  • Original sticker handed out at every stop and event during the flight

Each set is one of a kind.

The airplane is currently on loan to the Wings Over the Rockies Museum in Denver, Colorado.

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