Our Story

For the Human Spirit was founded by Michael F. Combs, fine artist, music composer, book author, aviation world record setter…and "defier" of death.  We are all about inspiring and encouraging you to connect with your true self, to embrace your passions, and pursue those things that spark you. You already know that you are capable of more, we are here to help you discover and eliminate what is holding you back. We want to help you excel in health, faith, peace, creativity or in accomplishing your greatest (and wildest) achievements.

Many of our creative works have been made with specific colors, shapes, sounds, textures, lighting (and some secret ingredients), all in combinations and sequences to help subconsciously stir you into living a life with no regrets.

So take a look around, pay attention to what moves you, and join our ever growing community.

Michael's Story

Michael F. CombsEven today, it's strange for me to say that I died --- twice. Oh sure, the Doctors had their explanations, but those incredible near death experiences brought about changes that I never would have guessed possible. At first, I had lost much of my memory. The house that I built, our family dog, scents, colors, names of loved ones...for several months, they were out of my reach. My condition left me weak and without much hope. I remember that one of my life goals was to be able to have the strength to walk to the living room and sit in a chair for an hour without passing out. Flat on my back with an oxygen tube in my nose...I questioned why I had been sent back if I was only to live a life of suffering and misery. Oh, how far I have come since then! Ultimately it was faith and determination that kept me ever moving forward. As each day greeted me, I learned the value of thankfulness, and as my mind began to clear I realized that I was a part of a greater purpose, one that can truly benefit so many who are seeking clarity and peace in their lives.

It took a year and a half to recover, but during that time I grew inwardly as I discovered these incredible gifts that I came back to this life with. For instance, I learned that by simply looking at a photo or just glancing into anyone's eyes I discovered the true depth of their souls. By sharing what I see, it has helped many to move forward in dynamic ways that they never thought possible. God has become my strength, my rock, and my comforter. He is the author of all wisdom and has revealed immense knowledge that I am sharing through my books, my paintings, and my musical compositions. My meditations contain sequences of certain notes that can spark your mind and soul to help you to effectively accomplish specific goals. Some of the paintings have hidden faces and shapes that offer visual experiences that leave many talking and feeling moved. Music has always been a gift for me, but now I've discovered how to use this gift to express myself in ways that I never dreamed were even possible.

As my heart was slowing I was filled with regret for those things that I didn't do while I had the chance. When I returned back to this earthly plane, I promised myself to live my life without regrets. Now it is my nature to hug more, love more, speak more boldly, and pursue my dreams with an all out fervor and passion. Many know me only as the pilot who set six aviation world records, and will be surprised when they read this...(oh there is so much that I have to share with you). Check out "The Flight for the Human Spirit" and you'll see how incredible the journey has been and how it is still continuing onward to light up the hearts of millions around the planet.

I also collect cars, which we show for the sole purpose of furthering our message of hope and encouragement. Our cars each have a story and even have names like, "Spirit," "Soul Fire," and "Courage."

There is so much more that I want to give to you than what this space allows, but let me sincerely say that I am glad that you are here. I am thankful that you are about to become blessed beyond measure. I am thankful that you have the opportunity to discover your truest self, and I am thankful that you are capable of being a light to all of those who you meet.

Peace my friend...I wish you peace in all that you do.

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