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New Music - Electric Storm

New Music - Electric Storm

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Step back in time with these vintage electronic songs created with a blend of modern tech and an authentic 70's Arp Odyssey synthesizer. All instrumental, perfect for your throwback electronic music fix.

“Electric Storm” is a unique collection of music that utilizes actual vintage synthesizers from the '70s, '90s and today, blended into a rare collection that began as an experiment in the ’70s. Remastered and expanded with some additional songs, this album is truly diverse.

Michael F. Combs discovered his passion for the electronic music genre at an early age while his gift of music was being developed. From the pioneering techniques of “Switched on Bach” along with the usage of melodic passages found in groups such as “Tangerine Dream“ and “Mannheim Steamroller,” Michael developed a strong foundation. When these techniques were combined with his love for Classical music, they formed the basis for his unique sound which varies from meditative to techno.

Many of his early compositions feature piano solos accompanied by orchestral instruments. However, with the release of "Electric Storm" Combs’ reveals his true passion for the electronic music genre, which has remained a central theme in his music but not unleashed until now.

Seven original songs from this album carried Michael through some of his most turbulent years. Written and recorded eighteen years before the release of this album, this point becomes clear through song titles such as “Wish I Wasn’t,” “Just You Wait,” and “Be There”. Even the title “Sloag” is an anagram for the word “Goals.” Combs was searching for the answer to the meaning of life.

After facing and recovering from a serious health condition in 2003, Michael had a new outlook on life. His purpose was clearly laid out before him and he set out to encourage others to live their lives with passion and to follow their dreams as if there is no tomorrow. It is with this renewed zeal that he wrote the three remaining songs and completed yet one more dream what was suppressed far too long.

The recently added songs are as follows:

  1. “March of the Risen Ants” is an audible journey of seemingly insignificant ants that have parted from their earthly life and now dutifully march to that place where ants must certainly go. Close your eyes and imagine the amazing scene and listen for the buzzing of insects as they fly from your left to the right. As the marchers fade into the distance, the scene shifts to a heavenly glow as our little heroes walk into the light.

  2. “Why Wait Any Longer?” is Michael’s most profound message to us all. It begins with a collection of sounds and textures carry the listener through a brief celebration of their own life. Fearing criticism by others, the original collection of seven songs was kept secret for years. Combs’ added this song to prompt himself to release this album to the public without any further delay.

  3. “Connecting” is the last song on this album. It was composed following deep meditation and the insight that each of us connects with all things great and small on a daily basis from what we eat to who we call our friends. We connect with our ideas, hopes, and dreams. A fitting conclusion to the album, it will leave you peaceful and reflective.

Michael was intrigued by the use of electronic music in our popular culture. Bands such as “The Who,” and the soundtrack to movies like “Beverly Hills Cop” stirred Combs’ passion to and inspired him to buy an ARP Odyssey synthesizer, one of the early instruments of its kind and rudimentary by today’s standards. He used it to study the construction of various sound waves and how these basic formulas comprise each sound that we hear. This ARP is only capable of playing two notes at once, requiring multiple tracks to add depth to any composition. The ARP is the lead instrument on the original seven songs and was used exclusively to create the sound of the storm in the title song. The rain, the rolling thunder, even the individual drops were all tediously created using the ARP.

If you have followed Michael through his world-record-setting adventure called “The Flight for the Human Spirit,” you’ll undoubtedly recognize the song, “Dream of Flight.” This song has been featured in many of Michael’s podcasts and videos. It was composed years before taking to the sky, and it was this song that nurtured his passion for flying until it finally became a reality in 2009.


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