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Deconstructing Time Notecards and Bundles - Signed

Deconstructing Time Notecards and Bundles - Signed

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"Deconstructing Time" is one of Michael Combs' pinnacle pieces and would be a great addition to any art collection. It features a1953 Chevrolet Bel-Aire and a young woman in 1950's period attire. It was painted by-and with painstaking detail using digital paintbrushes and then broken apart, piece-by-piece to create the effect you see. This process took months and was created in between brutal cancer-sourced headaches. As a result, if one were to put the pieces back in place, it would complete the picture of the car and the woman.

Thoughtfulness goes a long way in relationship building, and yet very few people take the time....but you get it, that's why you're here.  Our 6” x 4.25” blank notecards are designed to impress.  Send an encouraging message or thank you note to someone you value. You would be amazed by how much good it will do.  

This run of notecards comes directly from the artist and are available in a very limited quantity.  You’ll love them.

What’s included:

  • Artwork Title: Deconstructing Time
  • 10 Notecards (Blank Inside)
  • 10 Premium Envelopes
  • First notecard hand-signed on cover

Any other items pictured such as pens, mugs, blankets, and specialty coffee are not included but may be available separately or even as part of a bundle on this site. 

Bundle item descriptions (optional):

  • Paper print is signed and measures 12.5" x 30.75".  It arrives in a rolled tube.  Includes a certificate of authenticity.
  • Canvas print measures 12"x30" and 1.5" thick with black sides.  It is signed and includes a certificate of authenticity.
  • Blanket is plush fleece (super soft) and a lightweight for year-round use.  Measures 50"x60". 
  • Combs' Coffee is high-end specialty coffee, sourced and roasted by our son -- a world-renown coffee competition judge and Q-grader.  Please specify your preference of light, dark or medium roast and we will surprise you with the roast of the day.  Coffee arrives as whole beans in a glass jar (fully sustainable) to be ground by you.  You'll love it.  Check out for more info.

Items may arrive in separate packages unless requested and it will take up to 2 weeks longer.


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