Changing the World One Dream at a Time

Changing the World One Dream at a Time

We aim to do one simple thing: change the world.  As the economy tanked and people were losing their jobs, their savings, their security, their hope for a better life, often their hope for happiness and fulfillment also evaporated.

In light of Michael’s after-death experiences, and battle with cancer he’s faced death head on multiple times.  What he learned is that dying with regrets is like those chains that Jacob and Marley talk about in the Charles Dickens classic “Christmas Carol”.  They are a weight you carry with you of a life unfulfilled.

He described that moment of realizing he would never fly an airplane, never realize the full potential of is gift of music, never know what it was like to fully release himself to enjoy life, and never get to say the things he held inside.  So he fought to live.  He fought to have one more day, one more moment to share the sheer joy of living –really living– and to share it with everyone he could possibly reach.

That is our mission then, the purpose of all we do.  To help you live authentically, dream big (huge) and really go for it.  Most of the barriers to your dreams are internal not external.  We want you to live as though today is your last so that, should it be true, you can say you had no regrets.

Today we have reached 28 million people with the message that it’s never, ever too late to follow your dreams.  And, we can all reach even more when you tell your friends and encourage them to do the same.  Be the change.  Help uplift and encourage others to be genuine, vulnerable, adventurous, curious, light-hearted, loving, connected and free.

You were born with a purpose.  Find it, and live it!

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